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Well after weeks of hard core craigslistin', and classifieds browsing I finally got myself a bike. I bought this 2006 CRF450X from a dealer unfortunately, but I dont think I came out to bad on the deal. The bike is already street legal, so thats pretty sweet. It also has a Rekluse auto clutch installed (I hate it, going to the stock set up so the Rekluse will be for sale). I am going to be adding:

-Full Akrapovic Evo exhaust
-Acerbis hand guards
-Acerbis SM fender
-Trail Tech X2 head light
-FMF "power up" jet kit
-Gonna "custumize" myself a tail light/license plate set up in the back
-Graphics kit
-The wheels and tires mentioned below...

It really bogs down if you hammer the throttle to wide open quickly. Im wondering if the accelerator pump is bad in it. I am running some sea foam through it right now. Im gonna jet it after I get the exhaust and maybe that will make it act right. Anyone have any experience with this?

Oh yeah forgot about this part of the deal. I paid $500 for this almost brand new setup of Warp 9's with the "conti force" (I think) tires, rotors, and sprocket. They were taking up room in his shop so he let them go. They were for a DRZ400, but will they fit my bike if I get the right spacers, or do I need everything inside the hub?

Gimme some ideas and what not, ya know? Also if anyone can point me towards a link with "cheap and free DIY" mods, it would be appreciated.

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