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Hey everybody my name is Mike, but most people call me Stuck/Stucky. I'm 27, living in SD and I think I may have a new supermoto addiction. I'm totally new to Sumo after riding dirt as a kid, and street bikes for the past six years. Rather than describe my riding history, I'll go through a brief photo tour.

My first street bike back in 08. Loved ridding the bike around Kentucky and Southern Indiana. I binned it shortly after moving to SD.

Had to save some money up and then I bought this little guy. Pretty fun to commute with, but I was longing for something different after a year.

I then decided to ride some dirt, so I bought a TE450. The bike was awesome, but I only ended up getting out to the desert a couple of times. I then sold it for my second VFR.

I bought my second VFR up in Portland and rode the 101 and 1 down to SD. Beautiful roads that I can't wait to ride again. This bike is my do it all/utilitarian tool. I commute every day on it, and spend the weekends in the mountains and deserts with it.

All this brings me to the present. I still have my VFR and I plan to keep it, but I am definitely looking to add a supermoto to the stable. I did my first supermoto trackday last weekend with SoCal Supermoto and I'm hooked. Brian is an awesome guy and I had and incredible amount of fun throwing his DRZs around the track. I'm looking forward to learning all the great info on this site (already a great deal from the wr250x vs. DRZ thread) and hopefully turning a wheel with some of you in the future.

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