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I have been looking to get new turn signals and taillight for my KLX 250SF for a while now, but over the weekend we had some Jackass go through our parking lot kicking over bikes, and just so happens mine was kicked over and broke my turn signal. I have a FMF pipe on and was melting the right side signal, and was wondering if there is a company/style I can go with that it wont melt or smoke over. The plastics are scratched up from the bike hitting the ground an was wondering if there was a aftermarket company that makes plastics for the bike or do I just get OEM plastics. The mirrors on the bike look like they are out of place, I am wanting something that would bring them down closer to the bars or something different compared to where they are now. Please post comments, links to other forums, websites that will help me out fix the problems and help give me new ideas.


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