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New spokes for a 2004 Husky SMR 570

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Hi Guys!

I'm new to the SuperMoto world. I have ridden a lot of bikes before a bought my Husky.
- I bought it in a pretty sad condition, and are in the process of shining it up right now.

I have power-coated the frame and rims black, and the tripel-trees, hubs and other parts red.

But the project is standing still right now. - I can't find any new spokes for my (stock) wheels.

I would prefer black spokes and red-eloxed' nippels. But stainless would do too.
- The most important thing is, that they can be purchased in Europe.

I will upload some pictures when I get a little further into the project.

Keep up the rock'n'roll!

Emil Hansen
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We need pictures now!!! :D
I'd say contact Buchanan Spoke and Wheel. I know, they're in the States but they can make anything for wheels. Great quality too! See if they'll ship you what you need? Wouldn't be too much to ship a couple sets of spokes..
I will upload some pic's soon! ;)

Right now the front fork, frame and svingarm has been assembled. - But that's it..
One of the bearings on the crank broke, and took a ride around the engine :(
- So it's being rebuild right now.

I just need the spokes and engine to finish the project, but i'm stock right now.

But thank you, for you answar. I will contact "Buchanan Spoke and Wheel" and see if they can help me.
- Cos' the original spokes costs more that the powder-coat, bearings and everything else :(
Hi again guys.

I found some original spokes in Denmark, and they are ordered now. :)

The project have come a little further since the last pic's..

Please write a comment. ;)

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yessir:thumbup: looking good:clap:
Oh.. Yet another question:

What gearing would you recommend for street use, on a SM570R? :)

I was running a a 15/45 at first. It was a little hard to get it to power-wheelie in 3. gear. I changed it to a 14/47 afterwards and that helped a lot! - But that might be a little to low?

I think that it's hard to use the clutch to wheelie on the Husky SM570R. - I think the clutch is. Bad, wired ... ? On this model. :) When i get my engine back, there will be mounted a brand new clutch and clutch-basket.
- I hope that will help.

If any of you have an opinion on witch gearing i should try, I'm glad to hear. ;)
I use a 16/42 combination on my 530. I would think you'll want to go more in this direction than a 14/somethin for street use.. Then you could still have top end speed but still wheelie. What's wrong with clutching it up?
16/42? :O I have thought about 15/49 or something like that.

I think it was quite hard to get it up when i ran the 15/47.

There's nothing wrong by clutching it up. - I just think that the clutch on my Husky is quite hard, and it seems like it slides a little.
- I hope a fresh clutch makes it better.
I think it is way easier to clutch it up that to power-wheelie. But not on the Husky. It lacks ... Feel.. ? It's hard to explain, but the clutch is (or were) sh*t ... :)
Hi again.

I have just returned from the testrun, and are SO PLEASED! ;)

Here's a list of what have been done:

Compleate engiene rebuild with another cam and a Keihin 41 carb with acc pump
Powdercoated frame, rims, hubs, foodpegs, tripletree, skidplate, swingarm
Compleate new plastics with race-styles stickers

Please let me know what you think.

Here's a teaser
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And then it blew up again. :(
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