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XR650R is best!

Its logical Watson, I own a XR650R. I am a noobe too, and I love my XRR. It is cheap, fasst, reliable, does everything the others do, only cheaper with less headaches. :bike:

I added
Stator from Ricky Stator for wayyy improved (headlight) lighting
Barnett clutch , mine was going relax, I own a used 2000 XR650R
Renthal chain / sprockets, again used XRR.

it rocks:arsenal
So be like me, learn on the worlds baddest reliable dualsport, then keep it or sell it to graduate to next bike, though I did find a 680 big bore kit and nice lowering kit. I was considering the fork conversion and some Supermoto RED anodoized wheels. Anyways I think resale value will always be great for my XR650R and be in demand, regardless of any SUper pricey new bike performance.:thumbup:

oh yeah its kickstart only, but is a breeze to start, when you learn the 4 steps:
kick slow till your foot gets stopped at top
then, switch to ON
Pull small lever (decompression lever) till you feel your foot give (go down a bit)
Pull clutch in. you may not need to , but i heard it keeps everything more efficient
& Kick (not super hard or super fast, just quick and ALL the down thru the whole stroke or range of kick starter.

its easy.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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