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Name is Sean, joined a few weeks ago to check out the classifieds, this is my first post.

I live in south Florida, not the greatest riding place, but I recently decided I wanted to get an SM bike or something similar. Used to ride bikes and ATV's as a kid (from like 6-16yo). I'm 28 now and ride friends sporkbikes now and then.

I think I've decided on buying a Versys, or just getting a salvage EX650 and building it up as a cross SM/fighter. Seems like a great powerful motor and a decently light bike. I think if I had the cash I might just buy a KTM and call it a day, but I'm kinda looking forward to building something custom.

Probably what got me wanting a SM bike is the videos I've seen of guys sliding into the turns and just having a blast on these bikes. For 2 years Ive been on/off pro/pro-am drifting in FL and nationally and the thought of learning the technique on a bike just really intrigues me. Also I wouldn't mind getting 60mpg+ on my daily commute and have something fun to ride on the weekend.

So hey everyone, I hope to be making a post of my purchase soon and laying some plans for how I will build it!

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