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New oil = fewer vibrations??

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So I changed the oil on my 05 625 today, not nearly as bad as I feared. Went for a short 10 mile ride afterwards and noticed that the bike vibrated WAY less than it did before. The oil had less than 1000 miles on it and was Amsoil (what the prvious owner put in, not sure of the viscosity) and was replaced with Rotella 5w40. I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to engines (no comment from anyone on that) but don't really understand how just changing the oil can affect vibrations that much.

It was a good day, changed the oil and my LeoVince pipes arrived after lunch. :bike:
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I think you were just shaking when you opened the LeoVince, and it kind of canceled the 625 vibes out.
if oil gets really dirty, it can cause some problems, but not usually a vibration unless the oil was too thick for the machine, most of the time it is psychological that it runs better
i don't know if it was the bike breaking in of what, but my 690 smc runs way better after the first oil change which i did at 300 miles. 6th gear was unusable unless over 65 mph, now it is smooth when at 55mph. the bike just runs so much smoother.
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