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Hey, names Kcim and I've been looking to get a supermoto or enduro for the past month and have been on the undying hunt for some good information. Seems to me that this site is the best out there in retrieving the exact information i need. :thumbup:

Too be specific, I have come to the conclusion on five motos. :headscrat

-KTM 690 sm +

-DRZ400sm +

-DR650 -

-XR650l -

-KTM530 EXCR -

All the bikes I mentioned will be bought used on deals I have found online. I do really do not want to finance.

I've done as much lurking for information as possible, but I feel as if I'll will get better feedback with my own post! I really would like as many replies on this as possible!

I plan on riding mostly on pavement, "maybe" the occasionally rough back road (Though they are slowly disappearing here in South Florida :damn:)
-Power is not a problem
-Want something good from the get-go, not something I will have to put a lot of money into just to make it "acceptable"
-Highway riding will probably be in the 30-100 mile range at the most
-Something fun, with character. Not sluggish and "slow".
-I'm 18, if this helps in any way??
-Long term relationship

Thank you in advance for the replies I appreciate the input as this will be my first vehicle and I intend to enjoy it to it's full extent!

(P.s.) The plus and negatives show the bikes I am leaning towards and away from.
I've had to go back to driving 4 wheels again after my streetbike got totaled and for a while I've been thinking about a sumo. My buddy has a wr250x that he's completely stunted out, and while I haven't had much time in the saddle yet, I will until I get another bike (he said I can use it as long as I need since he has a CBR600) and I've been looking around on craigslist and I'm finding pretty cheap dr650's around that are in great shape. I'm not a big guy, 5'10 at 140lbs, so I can't handle a tank, but I've heard the dr650 is pretty easy to adjust the height. I'm mainly just around town, but I would love to do long distances every once in a while. Also, something that doesn't require constant tinkering as I'm new to bikes in general.
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