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whats up smj

I have been riding dirt for almost 20 years now and recently decided to get a street bike to save gas. I knew right away sport bikes were not for me, I don't think I am responsible enough to handle that much speed! I thought about dual-sport for about a day, then decided screw that, I have a dirt bike (02 KTM 200 MXC), I dont need off-road capability.

So here I am, a hooligan in the making.

I was trying to buy a super clean, fully modded wr250x. Was willing to pay 4k but wanted the guy to drive a bit to meet me, or lower the price a bit for the 18hr round trip I was going to make.

In this long negotiation process my father caught wind of the whole situation and decided to help me out, He had an extra bike just laying around...

I now have a 05 KTM 525 EXC with california plates!

My bare bones kit from motostrano is on the way.

I am still outta town and dont have a camera atm, but I will get some pics up soon.

I have got alot information from smj so far, and want to thank everyone for their knowledge. I am going to have a ton of questions as I work on this build and look foreward to talking with you all!

See Ya Round SMJ
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