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Whats up guys. My name is chris and I live in Lake charles, Louisiana. I have been a motorcycle lover all my life and have finally decided to build a street tard. I have been riding motocross for about 11 years and have been interested in getting a street tard for about 5 years. I have 5 motorcycles now, YZ250F, KLX140L, KLX110, XR50R and a Harley and am about to add another to the collection. I am thnking of buying a WR450F to make a street tard. Wont be traveling or going to work on it, just terririsng the streets where I live. Is this a good bike to play on, like wheelies, stoppies, turning and stuff? I have riding YZ450Fs before and like them as far a power. Is the WR the same?
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