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Hi guys, new to the site...

Wanted advice on what was recommended for AM exhaust - Yoshi? FMF? Graves? Something Else? Looking for something that helps performance, but that doesn't piss off the neighbors.

Airfilter? K&N? Other company?

Sprockets? Wanted to keep my top speed as high as possible, but increase the torque / acceleration...I know that is normally not doable, but I heard a certain ratio with this bike allows you to do it.

Chain length? Type of chain?

What is the widest tire I can put on the back of this thing? Loved the TW250 tire, but think I may be pushing my luck here :)

Finally, anything else that I should consider? Either aside of or in addition to the parts mentioned above?

Any other help, advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated! I love this bike and can't wait to see what is in store with your potential advice.

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