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Nice to meet everyone.

Name is Matt 42 and I cherish the youth I have left in me.

I am in Nor Cal. I like cars and bikes and love my family.

Spent about 7 years in the moto industry during the early 2000’s working at local dealers while in school.

The KTM65 is my blank canvas that I picked up new on clearance. Building a mini ripper for kart tracks, so guess this is my dabble into supermoto. I will probably need advise and will head over to the mini section.

The Hyper is really a street bike as most all know. I get out on it and rip to the best of my abilities.

Figured since I’m already invested in full gear, trailers, and big bikes, I might as well build something fun and small to really learn as I have had no training.

I look forward to meeting and chatting with like minded peers!

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