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2002 Yamaha YZ426F
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Thanks for welcoming me to SMJ!, can't wait to be further infected with the Supermoto Virus!

My name is Cole, and I reside in Temecula, CA. I have been riding for about 15 years now on various types of motorcycles, adventure, enduro, streebikes, you name it. I still have my Dyna too. I started on dirtbikes like most everyone as a kid and now that I'm all grown up (or like to pretend) I have a dirtbike with street tires馃榿

All I can say is, I have never had so much fun on two wheels! I ride a 2002 YZ426F that I have brought to the darkside (lights, blinkers, horn). I use it to commute 30 miles to work, and then back home. However, my commute is through DeLuz in to Fallbrook - basically a supermoto race against myself twice a day.

I've been using the epic search function here, yes it works great, and I can't wait to further my newfound love of this sport!
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