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I've got a couple of cable locks for sale. Brand new. They are on egay right now but I can take em off or you can bid on em. I have one of these and 2 of the heavier duty model. Same length and thickness but braided cable those retail for $49.95. $22 for this one $25 for the other 2 + shipping. These prices are a bit cheaper than whats listed on egay. So let me know if you want em.

Powersports > Cables > Keeper 2515 Armored Cable

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Keeper 2515 Armored Cable

Armored cable protection for moderate crime areas

SKU - 998839
5' x 1" (152cm x 25mm)
Security rating: What's this?

Armor-plated cable for increased theft protection
5-pin brass cylinder
3 point locking head for added security
Rotating lock head for easy lock-up
Protective vinyl cover
Not Available
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