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New Girl In SoAZ

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Hey I am new to supermoto, I thought it looked like it would be alot of fun and just want to find out more about it and hope to be able to give it a try some time. I live in Tucson, Arizona. I ride MX now and love it but thought supermoto would be alot of fun too. If anyone knows anyone I could hook up with in So. AZ to go check it out that would rock! Thanks everyone.

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I live in Vail, just east of Tucson and have a converted XR650R. I've seen someone on a plated CRF450 or 250 running around. Would that be you?
Mountainrider knows ALOT of real funny jokes and can keep you laughing for days. Keep an open mind tho cause some are a know.
Slideways151 said:
Damn, I didn't get all these "hellos" and "welcome to the site" when I joined?? What's up?????????????

Me either and I am glad for it.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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