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New Girl In SoAZ

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Hey I am new to supermoto, I thought it looked like it would be alot of fun and just want to find out more about it and hope to be able to give it a try some time. I live in Tucson, Arizona. I ride MX now and love it but thought supermoto would be alot of fun too. If anyone knows anyone I could hook up with in So. AZ to go check it out that would rock! Thanks everyone.

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Hey Courtney,

You should check out the Arizona Motard website for info on races and such. I'm sure there are plenty of people riding supermoto in AZ, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding people. If you're interested in attending a supermoto school, check, or go throught the NASMOTO website ( and check out our new school. All of the info is on the website, and you can email us with any further questions.

Ciao 4 now,
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