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New Buell SM?

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Looks like Buell is going to introduce some kind of street motard. The website video shows a rider on both pavement and dirt roads. Probably along the lines of the new KTM. Go to:

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they are quite large..and quite ugly while being large at the same time. id take an old pushrod 45 to race with over a vrod any day, simply because i actually know what im doing when it comes to the simple things in life!
I make it a point of going to the Buell booth every year at the Cycle World show to tell them I won't be buying a Buell until they get a high tech motor to match the chassis....

His excuse is poo-poo btw!
I can understand though, I mean he is at the mercy of a company that has 50% market share just by selling the same old shite!

gregman_1 said:
I spoke with Eric a few months ago at the demo ride here in GA. When posed "Why don't you use the Vrod motor?" he said he'd been asked that question too many times to count. The Vrod motor isn't compact enough to fit it in a sharp-handling chassis. The cylinders are spaced waaaaaaay too wide to fit the whole shebang between the wheels of a proper sportbike and keep the CG low.
"They were able to get a similar motor into the VR1000 superbike...podiumed at mid-ohio...not bad!"

You don't really believe the HD marketing machine BS do you?!
Sure they were both liquid cooled and FI but that's about it.
How is this thread still going? There is no Buell SM, and Buells and HD suck anyway. Geez...
I heard that they were going to use the Buell Blast motor as a basis for there new Supermoto.
I have never been big on Harleys but this big should be fun.

Buell real Cross coming soon

The City-X pictured was just the first step for Buell to develop a "real" offroad bike. Whilst the City-X is aimed at the inner city Supermoto riding hooligan, the new offroad is aimed at the BMW GS rider. According to unconfirmed sources some of the US magazines has already tested the bike with BMW R1150 GS and KTM Adventurer. If this is true it is likely the US firm has used the XB12 HD Sportster derived engine. And the new Buell will apparently be green as the grass it is intended for. 23. July is the date we are waiting for. We might see two new Buell models. Around the same date we expect to hear news about Harley-Davidson's new 2006 models too. The rumour say that Deuce might be withdrawn and the Softail FX models will get bigger motor's. TS
Harley are flying me out to Denver at the end of the month for a press intro on the new Buells...

I'll be sure to post a pic from the event, especially if the bike is even remotely supermoto-able.

As it happens, the Buell City-X is a great bike for our "kind" - On that vein, I just scored a long term Tuono from Aprilia and once I got my head round the fact that its almost twice the weight of my 450, it's being chucked around like a Supermoto - I'm backing into my driveway every night just for sh*ts and giggles.

That baby might just bring Buell back around! Back in '96 I sold over 50 bikes for the year. The numbers got smaller every year. The XB's are the best product ever from Buell (but fit only small riders) I'm excited about the new '06's! Nothing like a Fred Flintstone motor in a George Jetson chassis!

My XB9r will be for sale soon!

Go to Buell.COM on Saturday and check it out!
dude's thats no super moto. Hardly ABLESON MOTOR :laughingr :infrandom :flush:
Has anybody been over to You think there is interest in an American hybrid cyle? If Buell isn't paying attention to the rumbling, they should
EEEEzactly...another BS'ing job by Harley

demographic said:
Single cylinder?


MX derived suspension?


High level front mudguard?



Nope :hmmm:
I stopped by and set on a new City X and this bike is neat. Small in size but seems like enough room for my long legs. I was dead set on a new Triple but I really like this bike. :thumbup:
I wish they would just get that information release over so we can be disappointed already.......
gmoneycuz said:
I wish they would just get that information release over so we can be disappointed already.......
:laughingr :Funny: :laughingr
I have a CityX, its actually a fun bike to ride, you can wheelie for days. However, I bought it before I discovered motards and now my bike is for sale! I'm just trying to decide which bike to buy.
THis is what happens when a BMW and a KTM breed, and also why we neuter our bikes.
Here's the link to the site. Still the crappy HD motor and a whopping 425lbs. They left the exhaust down low so don't expect to hit anything more than a smooth dirt road. I do like the upright riding position and of course the supermoto handgurards as well as the supermoto fromt fender. I wish they would take the time to do something about that motor. Talk to Rotax or something. Even BMW uses Rotax engines.Buell Ulysees
Looks like dirt/flat-tracker, meets street, cross-bred with adventure tour, subtract bags, and belt instead of shaft drive. Should be fun to ride...many of us will enjoy our demo ride experience (more manufacturers need to follow Buell's lead on DEMOS!!!)...and we'll love to borrow a friends. BUT too heavy in weight and price$$$ need more peppy motor. SO most of us won't be buyers...but I can't fault Buell for trying/putting out another flavor of ice cream!
Buell is trying to market this as a Dualsport/Adventure bike. I have both a Buell and a KTM 950 Adventure S and trust me, this bike is not an Adventure bike. As someone posted earlier, look at the muffler placement. That's gonna drag! Also what happens to that muffler during water crossings? Yeah, exactly! Buells are ok for what they are but they are not sportbikes and they aren't dualsports. What they are is very fast Harley-Davidsons. If you want to po some Harley riders, go get a Buell and ride with them.

S Won

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