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New Buell SM?

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Looks like Buell is going to introduce some kind of street motard. The website video shows a rider on both pavement and dirt roads. Probably along the lines of the new KTM. Go to:

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AR625SMC said:
Good use for a VRod motor...
I spoke with Eric a few months ago at the demo ride here in GA. When posed "Why don't you use the Vrod motor?" he said he'd been asked that question too many times to count. The Vrod motor isn't compact enough to fit it in a sharp-handling chassis. The cylinders are spaced waaaaaaay too wide to fit the whole shebang between the wheels of a proper sportbike and keep the CG low.
AaronRM said:
Dang, i was close lol. But 90 is even more..explain that Mr. Buell?
Look at the angle in which the gearbox comes off the Vrod motor. Also, measure a TL or Duc motor coutershaft to opposite cylinder head, then do the same with the Vrod, then the same with the standard XB motors. You'll be surprised how physically huge the Vrod motor is.
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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