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New Buell SM?

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Looks like Buell is going to introduce some kind of street motard. The website video shows a rider on both pavement and dirt roads. Probably along the lines of the new KTM. Go to:

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AaronRM said:
Thats not quite true, I believe teh XB9s are pretty light weight. I race Harleys on a weekly basis. I believe the motors are too tempermental to use in a reliable motard application. And dont even consider the could easily be rebaged the POS. Now if Erik Buell could talk HD into designing his own, self built motor for a Motard application, we would pry have one bad streetbike. Look what he has done with a 100 year old design..imagine what we would get with his ability applied to modern day thumper....
Yep! Just give the man the opportunity and he'll suprise us all!!! Don't know if I buy the excuse on the VROD. They were able to get a similar motor into the VR1000 superbike...podiumed at mid-ohio...not bad!
Looks like dirt/flat-tracker, meets street, cross-bred with adventure tour, subtract bags, and belt instead of shaft drive. Should be fun to ride...many of us will enjoy our demo ride experience (more manufacturers need to follow Buell's lead on DEMOS!!!)...and we'll love to borrow a friends. BUT too heavy in weight and price$$$ need more peppy motor. SO most of us won't be buyers...but I can't fault Buell for trying/putting out another flavor of ice cream!
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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