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New Buell SM?

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Looks like Buell is going to introduce some kind of street motard. The website video shows a rider on both pavement and dirt roads. Probably along the lines of the new KTM. Go to:

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It will be a big dualsport/adventure bike.
(that would have to be my next bike)
That baby might just bring Buell back around! Back in '96 I sold over 50 bikes for the year. The numbers got smaller every year. The XB's are the best product ever from Buell (but fit only small riders) I'm excited about the new '06's! Nothing like a Fred Flintstone motor in a George Jetson chassis!

My XB9r will be for sale soon!

Go to Buell.COM on Saturday and check it out!
I can't wait to ride one, I'm selling my SMR and I don't ride my XB9r much this might be the bike for me!
I think Quickbritt is right the new XB is an adventure tourer. A comfy quick street bike with some off-road ability. It's going to be able to go anywhere that 95% of the riders are willing to take their 12-16k "Adventure" bikes. I have ridden truly thousands of miles in the cascade mountains and I can only think of a few sections that I wouldn't take that new buell on. I don't need to go around the world so, It's o.k. for me to turn around and go back!

Besides... I'm gonna kick ass on my riding buddies!
1 - 5 of 55 Posts
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