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New 426 hooligan!

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Hello All, recently acquired an 01' WR426 with low hours from my father. :thumbup: It's pretty stock with a hotcam for easier start up and a white brothers pipe. The bike runs good! Anyway, Ive been drooling over the idea of turning the 426 into a street tard for a while now and with the price of fuel close to $4 a gallon, I am pretty set on getting this bike on the street A.S.A.P.! So far, I figure I would like to get a more powerful headlight with lo/hi beam, functional tail light, larger front brake, speedometer, taller gearing and some wider wheels(DNA or WARP9?). I'm pretty newbie to the motard scene but have been riding bikes all my life. I live in Phoenix and the laws for legalizing a bike for the street are pretty relaxed, don't need turn signals out here. Can you guys break it down, as far as setting my bike up right the first time and how to be safe/ legal for the street? Thanks in advance and cool site and BTW I will have pictures to follow shortly.

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In reguards to your wheels, Talk to Tate @ pro-wheel. Totally kick ass product. I found the guys at procycle very helpful when it came to putting together a street legal kit. Good luck with your ride.

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I ran a set of pro wheels on one of my old mini motards. Good stuff but a little more than I want to spend this time around. Is there a kit out there to make my tail light function with the brake? Anyone ran the trailtech speedo? Help set this bike up!
Call Tate @ pro-wheel and tell him that redneckj said to hook you up on a set of wheels. I am running a vector from trailtech for a speedo and temperature guage. I got my rear LED tail light assemble from cycle gear. Works great and there is a place to mount your rear turn signals to that assembly too. Good luck
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