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Yup, never rode a bike before. Some info about me.

I'm 28, 6'1, 175lbs. While I'm new to bikes I have experience riding ATC's and a moped. lol.

Here is what I owned when I was 18-21.

1992 Honda Elite 80 Scooter. Sold it to get a.
1980 Honda 185s ATC semi auto, sold it to get a..
1985 Honda 250R ATC, full manual with clutch, etc. fast machine.

I'm a quick learner so I doubt I will have a problem getting used to a normal bike.

I just want something to have fun with and cruise around town with and learn to ride. Eventually if I do enjoy riding I will want to upgrade to a WR450x/r if they start making them in a few years. Originally I wanted a WR25R because I do enjoy riding in dirt. But I live in the heart of Orange County, California and there arent many trails. So realistically I will be mainly riding on the street so the x is the better choice.

What do you guys think?

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You mean you DON'T want a new GSXR, R1, or turbo'd alky hayabusa? You're a dork. :lol: j/k First off, you're gonna find a lot of us here to have a bit of a twisted sense of humor. It's a good idea you do, too. A lot of the "rants" here seem to be centered on "squids" and their brand new liter bikes, lack of gear, etc... so that's where the first comment came in.

You're actually headed in the right direction. The two best "off the shelf" starter supermoto bikes are the one you're looking at, and the DRZ400SM. Both have their advantages, and disadvantages.

While I personally haven't ridden either, a few searches on this website will yield more info than you can digest in a weeks worth of sittings. When you look at actually buying the bike, make sure you have enough monely for PROPER riding gear.

It's been some time, but those of us that've been on here for a while lost a brother in arms, Samurai-Jim, and he was known to be a very competent rider. You need to gear up for that which you DON'T expect. There are safety Nazis on here, so be prepared. I just like to give the safety tips as a precursor, then let you make up your mind.

Welcome to the fold.
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