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couldnt find a place for it but figured id share my experiences with these companys ive dealt with in the past 3 months.

SUICYCLE EXTREME. citrus heights california
by FAR worst business/transaction i have ever had in my life, hands down.
this was for a set of complete 17's for my bike.

day one.
went in there to get a quote from him for a set of wheels,(excel,rad,dna,ect.) why did i go to him to get a wheelset? because i heard he gives people a pretty decent discount. so we talked and he took down my number and i left. about a week passes and still no call about wheels and or price on anything. so i call him and see if he just forgot to call me. i call him and ask about the wheels, he says " ahh ya man, i was just gettin on that. ill get em today and give ya a call back!" ok cool.

few more days pass. same thing.. same conversation. few MORE days pass. i call him again "hey man i was JUST gettin the quotes right now beilieve it or not" (kinda loosing faith at this point) so i say ok cool man just let me know.

day or two later still no call, i build a wheelset on rad mfg and figured ill just give him a call with the specs i want, so i call him and tell him what i want. hes cool with it and he puts me on hold while he calls them and gets a quote. he says for 800 out the door i can get them. thats about 200 cheaper than direct from RAD to me. so i go for it. i also ordered a sprocket,ebc 320mm rotor kit and a chain from him.
so while i was on hold he asked if i wanted to come in and pay or just over phone. i was at work so just paid with my credit card. so cool he said they are usually about a week out. i should have my wheels in 2 weeks MAX sounds reasonable right?

this was about 2-3 months ago and i forgot exact dates but lets just say i paid for the wheels may 10, straight off my debit card. about a week passes and i gave him a quick call to see if he heard anything about them. it was someone else but i asked if they came in by any chance. nothin in yet. ok thats cool,so i wait another week. i call again and see if they were in. he plays the same thing from ealier " ah ya brotha, they should be gettin here real quick, ill call em today and get a update for ya" ok cool.

couple days pass, i call again. ask for a update to see if they got shipped yet. pretty much the same god dam story. at this point i just say ok and right when i get off the phone i call up RADMFG. ask em about the wheels and they said the last time they had an order from SUICYCLE EXTREME was in 2009..
ok, interesting. this pos has held onto my money for like 2 weeks now(honestly it might have been longer than that also).
so i think to my self. well mabey he has another connection to these wheels other than rad them selves. then i think to my self. what are the chances that his "other guy" would have my exact specs/colors/widths? very slim.

so i wait it out. at this point im just amazed how a pretty well known company could work like this. i didnt want to call him and tell him that i called rad and i know the wheels wernt ordered because they could have somehow came from somewhere else other than rad..and that would have made me sound like an idiot..
so i wait another week or so. and call him. SAME SHIT. ''ah ya brotha i was just about to call them and get the info on the shipping status for ya" ok..
i call rad AGAIN. i probably called them like 5 times from this whole ordeal. same shit from rad. no order from them. we are probably at a little over a month now with no product in hand.
i call him one more time. ask him the same thing. and got the same ol shit in return.
i call rad and the lady said they got ordered, wow really? i was very shocked that they actually got ordered finally. i wait another week or so and i call them to see if they are in. yea thats right, i had to call them. i never ONCE got a call from SUICYCLE. so they could have been in there a day or so just sitting. it was up to me to have to call and check the status on my wheels.
so there in, i drive up there and he says "finally there here!! i cant believe it!" and WRONG WHEELS. same exact specs/bike/color combo/ BUT MX WHEELS. not supermoto.. it was a 21/18 setup. they were just sitting in there unwrapped on the table and he didnt notice this until i got there. i pretty much just say " uhhh 17's?.." then he says "omg man what did they do? they messed somethin up here". then he continues to say "oh man, ill get this fixed and get the right ones, ill even pay the extra shipping to get them here quicker!" REALLY? youll do that for me? after all this?? WOW how nice of him to do that..

i pretty much just walk out and wait another week. i end up calling rad again on the 17's and they said they shipped(keep in mind rad didnt mistake dirt wheels for supermoto, bill from suicycle did..) and i got a tracking number from them. i track them until they get to SUICYCLE. i drive up there and ask if my wheels are in, he says you know what? i havent seen em. so he calls them up and they said they shipped and they should be here( i know they were there) so he looks around and wahlahh. nice big box from rad..i open them up and check em out then leave. i also grabbed the ebc 320MM rotor kit/chain/sprocket that i ordered.

get home got my tires mounted up at cycle gear and went to throw these things on the husky(atleast a month and a half later from when i paid for my stuff)open up the rotor box and noticed it was the wrong rotor. it was a "oversized 280mm disc" for mx. i didnt realize this at suicycle cause i was so interested in the wheels instead. thats beside the point though. i ordered a 320mm kit.. so i call him and tell him whats up. the rotor is wrong and also the relocation bracket wasnt even the right hole locations. i take it back and he calls up a distibutor and tracks down a 320 kit i need. ok cool. few days pass, i get the kit and go home to mount it up. rotor looks good,went to mount the relocation bracket. ding ding ding! WRONG SIZE. im 100% just fed up with suicycle so i hit up the ktm dealership and grab a bracket from then cause they work on the huskys.. a 108 dollar brembo part. go back in to suicycle couple days later and i told him whats up. he got kinda mad and threw a binder kinda on the desk and said" idk what the hell the deal is, they just can tget it right or somethin" in a semi stern voice. almost as if its MY fault.
so i ask if theres any way his distibutor would take back just the bracket. he says i dont know why not. he says we'll get ya taken care of. so im sittin at the counter and im expecting him to take this bracket and get it dealt with for me. he hands me a piece of paper with ebc's number on it. really? i just drove all the way down here to get ebc phone number? i left and that was my last time in the store.

and the kicker is? he didnt even hook it up on the price AT ALL. it was just luck that i got the wheels that cheap(and the rotor) the quote he got for the wheels were for mx..cheaper than sumo wheels. the pirce he got for the rotor kit was for a "280 oversize disc" not a nice 320 setup. he said i got everything pretty much at cost from him..
i would strongly recommend not touching that place with a 20 foot pole. unless you want to wait 2 months to get stuff you paid for!:clap::clap:

also had a little experience with rad. the wheels i got came shipped way out of wack. bent to shit. like 70,000ths out. i had to pay 135 bucks to get them trued. i called rad to see if they could cover some of the cost if i showed paper work,and obviously no, they couldnt. they said i should have shipped them back but i was so over waiting for shipping i just had them trued my self. then had hopes to see if rad would help me out a bit on what should have been straight from the get go.

also bought a 5" behr rim from rad a month ago and got an email about 6 days after i ordered it about what bike it was going on cause they needed the hole angles. i never saw the email until i asked them for a update on the shipping status like 2 weeks after i ordered it,and he told me that they needed to know what hub it was getting used on. they just sent me ONE email about it(yes its partly my fault that i didnt see the mail and it got lost) but not even a call? they just sent one email and left it at that. with my money.. i told them what hub it was (husaberg fs 650). and he says" ok now that i have the info, ill have it shipped out tomorrow(june 16th) all this time passes with still no wheel as of today i also emailed them 5 days ago about it and never got a reply. and i called them today and he pretty much said he could just refund me the money like he really didnt care at all. i told him i still want the wheel though(cause it was one of the 100 dollar deals they had going on). he says its up to the machinists on what they want to do. he had a "whatever who cares" kinda tone. he honestly didnt care at all. he said he will write a note and leave it on someones desk.. this is a month later and still nothing.
thanks robert from RADMFG!! great guy!

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Report both to the better business bureau and you could get some really good results, especially if you have receipts for work that needed to be done
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