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hi guys. i have not had my hands on the bike or seen it in person. it is not in running condition. it turns over and has sat for a long time. i can get it for around 150$ everything is there. it has 3k miles. but i am still learning about everything and how to fix it. would it be worth it to buy it for 150$ even though it does not run? what could be wrong with it? just start naming issues it could have might have and or probably does have that would need to be fixed before it runs.and if possible a cost estimate of what ever you name might cost to fix. i would be doing all the work myself. this would be a tinker project to learn on.

thank you guys.

i would put a picture but its saying upload failed.

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im a bike tech so i could save A LOT of money rebuilding that bike myself but being you are gonna tinker.. im thinking save your money and look for something newer/running to tinker with..
small list of what i see needs replaced
chain/sprockets ($150)
tires (100-150)
brake lines
all fluids
is top end any good ?
if not then top end rebuild (piston/rings/gaskets etc)
carb overhaul (all new rubber parts)
air cleaner
intake for carb (dry rotted ?)
fork seals
it all adds up REAL QUICK on bikes like this.....esp if you mess something up and cant fix it yourself...:headshake
hell i know how to rebuild them and i would still have a bunch of money/time into something like that.... keep looking is my advice...
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