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Just picked up a 06 560smr that's been converted to street use. Has 850 miles/16.5 hours. The guy I bought it from rode it to the dragon, that's where the miles came from...never raced it. It had a 15front 38rear sprocket, which I hate because you damn near have to slip it to get it moving in first and doesn't really wan t to bring the front end up unless i make it. All the things I read about this thing is that it's a wheelie monster, which is a good thing :D. I put the 13t front on it from my 450 excr but it still doesn't really want to pick the front up. Contimplating putting the 45 on the rear with a 15 front...questions are will it be the wheelie monster it should be with a 15/45 and would it hurt with that gear to sustain 75-80 mph on the highway with that? Also, how often am I suppose to adjust the valves and do the oil changes if I am using synthetic? I've also heard that the motors don't like "staying at high speeds" but, can't get an answer on what "high speeds" are. Thanks
I road raced with gearing and no problem on starts, but i never used it on the street
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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