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Alright, i'm taking a huge long shot here but oh well. I've never really posted a bulletin before but these times call for desperate measures.

I'm so in between not making the right decision. I can really go any direction of what Sumo i want, but I've been wanting one for quite some time. I use to ride a cbr600 F4I when I was younger and untill recently I had a KTM 450 EXC. Bike was awesome I loved that KTM! Only problem with it is i'm 5'5 and couldn't touch the ground even with hanging off the side. Now with off road I could care less about touching, but on the street I need to touch a bit. This isn't too much of a problem because I can get everything lowered to my height really. (with some restrictions i know)

Heres the real problem......I DON"T KNOW WHAT BIKE TO is an issue I really don't want to spend more then 4K pushing it is 4.5k....I have been looking at a drz400 but was told after ridding my buddies 625smc that it woudln't feel NO WHERE in the same area as the 625 (this i know from just knowledge..400 vs 625 no contest) But what would be a good starter Sumo for me? I'm not a beginer and i'm deffinetly not a trickster but i'm not affraid to learn. I love going fast, I like sharp corners, a few tricks. Mainly just want a nice clean ride, but something I can flick the wrist and be at 70mph.

Any help from any one would be great....I'm just almost getting sick of Sumo's and I haven't even owned one yet.......
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