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The other day i picked up a 2006 YZ250F in awesome shape, since then parts have been rolling in and i've been collecting everything i need to make her "street acceptable" here in Wy. My Problem is that i got a call the other day saying my stator i ordered is discontinued, little more research turned up my dealership was trying to order me a moose stator (made by electrosport if i'm not mistaken) which i've heard to be a pile of crap. So now i'm left with some lights and nothing to power them...

While i'd prefer to not have a pile of feces on my bike (refering to above mentioned stator) , i'm not seeing a lot of options in the power department. Is there another option? another company that builds them or would a factory yamaha WR stator work and if so what am i looking for?

i don't want to run a battery of any sort cause i'm kinda weird about weight so i'd like to wing that option out the window and all i have to run is a 35w headlight and an LED tailight so i don't need a lot of output, just enough to make it legal-ish.

Any ideas are appreciated and i'll start the build Thread as soon as i get the stator, so look for that to be coming up soon! Thanks!
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