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Hey everyone, the first 3 races on consecutive weekends should make up for the late start to the CMRC Nationals!

Series press release is below. Everyone please spread the word and lets create a buzz!!

Press release June 14th 2008
2008 Supermoto Nationals


Supermoto junkies! Looking for a 6 race National Championship fix, here it is. Buddy Ford Productions offers awesome tracks, great racing for all classes, $3000 Pro purse, All others: 25% payback, trophies & prizes.

The 2008 CMRC sanctioned Nationals get underway Sunday June 29th in Jonquière, Québec. The farthest trip north of the border to kick off the season will be worth the journey guaranteed. Friday night (6:00pm – 9:00pm) and Saturday (11:00am – 4:00pm) practice will enable riders to break in their new machinery before the 1st round of the series. Qualifying and finals will be run Sunday June 29th from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Registration 8:00am Sunday.

Since this is a bit out of the way for all the English speaking riders, we will make sure everything is over by 3:00pm Sunday. This is another one of Buddy Ford’s free spectator events run downtown. We expect a crowd of 10,000 over the weekend because we are racing in conjunction with the annual Jonquière music festival.

The Jonquière track will be built in a Walmart parking lot and fifty (50) truckloads of dirt will be brought in to construct a very fun & technical dirt section. Promoter Buddy Ford and Canadian Supermoto pioneer Dave Arnold will put their heads together to make it fun, safe and challenging for all. Please support the Canadian SM Nationals, don’t miss the 1st round it will be very entertaining. The people in Jonquière are eagerly waiting for the display of speed and excitement that Supermoto offers. Racers, you will be treated like superstars with VIP pavement pit parking, champagne, podium and trophy girls! Be there!

Classes offered: Mini Moto, SM2 Amateur & Pro, Beginner, SM1, Open Am, 450 Pro-am, SMX Open Pro, Vet & Atv’s. Sign in / class: $50.00 Mini’s, Amateurs, Vet’s & Atv’s. $70.00 SM1 & Pro’s

You’re a beginner you want to try Supermoto for the first time, Buddy Ford is offering free 19” & 21” tires to fit right on your motocross bike, nothing else needed apart from putting silicone on the drain plugs and adding a catch can. No peg sliders mandatory for the 1st three rounds of the series.

ATV riders bring your ATV and have fun. It is race ready for Supermoto, no slicks or fancy Hoosier tires needed. Your regular stock Atv tire will do the job, Turf Tamers are perfect or anything with small knobbies, they will slide and you’ll have a blast.

2008 Supermoto Event Purse Breakdown

Pro Open Pro-am 450 ATV Pro-am Others 25 %
1st 600$ 1- 400$ 1- 400$
2nd 400$ 2- 300$ 2- 250$
3rd 280$ 3- 200$ 3- 150$
4th 180$ 4- 150$ 4- 100$
5th 140$ 5- 100$
6th 100$
7th 80$
8th 70$

Total: 1850$ 1150$ 1000$

PARRY SOUND, July 6th 2008
Supermoto National round 2 & Sport Bike Rally

Round 2 of the series is taking place on the July 6th weekend with practice on the 5th and qualifying and racing on Sunday. Registration is at 8:00am and practice at 9:00. Again riders will get plenty of track time with a full day of practice on Saturday. The Salt Docks in Parry Sound, Ontario is the location for round 2. Joining the annual Sport Bike rally, this event offers a cool track and picturesque scenery at the Docks. Frank McDonald is the 2008 event promoter in collaboration with the Sport Bike rally. A huge crowd was on hand last year, should be just as good this year, if not better!

Frank McDonald, can be reached at [email protected] (613) 475-4383
Buddy Ford [email protected] (450) 654-8193 xt 4
Steve Beattie [email protected]

Round three July 12 & 13th will take place at the Trois Rivières exhibition grounds with another huge new paved parking lot to race in. The track will be primo. Again practice Saturday and racing Sunday. The Fort Erie casino is hosting round 4, more news should be available shortly on this one.

Steve Beattie and his Twentysix Productions Racing crew are putting on round 5 at the Hiawatha Horse track & Gaming facility. Killer dirt section built by Justin Thompson in addition to Steve’s always cool pavement layouts should make for a very fun weekend. Riding School Saturday morning, practice in the afternoon and racing on Sunday is Beattie’s weekend format.

2008 Supermoto Nationals rev. (08/06/14)

National Supermoto championship

• June 28-29 Jonquière, Quebec*
• July 5 -6 Parry Sound, Ontario
• July 12-13 Trois Rivières, Quebec* (Exhibition grounds)
• Aug 23 Fort Erie, Ontario..
• Sept. 27-28 Sarnia, Ontario.
• Oct 4-5 Berthierville, Quebec

* Indicates free stectator attendance

CMRC du Québec inc. :, [email protected]

Canadian Supermoto Nationals
2008 Weekend format

Saturday Practice 11:00am to 4:00 pm
Saturday Tech & Pre registration 11:00am to 1:00pm
Sunday Sign In / registration & Tech: 8:00 - 9:00am
Riders Meeting 8:30am

Practice order 9:00am
SM2 / SMX Pro 250 / + 35 10 Min
Pro-am 450 10 Min
Beginners & Mini’s 10 Min
Open Amateur / SM1 10 Min
SMX Pro Open 10 Min
ATV Pro-am 10 Min

Heat Races 10:30am
SM2 / SMX Pro 250 / +35 12 Min
Pro-am 450 12 Min
Beginners & Mini’s 12 Min
ATV Pro-am 12 Min
SM1 Open 12 Min
SMX Pro Open 12 Min
Lunch Break & Track maintenance

Main Events 12:45
( 1 Hot Lap before each Main & checkered flag victory lap)

SM2 / SMX Pro 250 / + 35 15 Min
Pro-am 450 15 Min
Beginnners & Mini’s 12 Min
ATV Pro-am Open 15 Min
SM1 Open 15 Min
ATV Drifting Contest 10 Min
SMX Pro Open 15 Min
SMX Pro Wheelie & burnout show 5 Min or 3 Laps
Awards interviews & Autographs at Podium (Series posters supplied by promoter)
Podium, awards & payout for all classes immediately following SMX Pro Open main

Series info: Buddy Ford [email protected] (450) 654-8193,

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Pardon my impertinence but what is "National" about this race schedule?

• June 28-29 Jonquière, Quebec*
• July 5 -6 Parry Sound, Ontario
• July 12-13 Trois Rivières, Quebec* (Exhibition grounds)
• Aug 23 Fort Erie, Ontario..
• Sept. 27-28 Sarnia, Ontario.
• Oct 4-5 Berthierville, Quebec

With races held in only 2 of the ten provinces, that sounds a lot more like a Regional series.

If we hold some races in BC and Alberta can we call it a "National " series? Would anyone out east be pissed if we did that? Contrary to popular belief, ON is NOT the centre of the universe.

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Keep your panties on.

it was called the national series because no one else was running a series, and the series out here was sanctioned by the CMRC, the national Off-road sanctioning body.

If you're gonna run races, promote them, There are probably a bunch of us that would make the trip out, most of us have done the trip running the National Pro superbike series and/or to run races in the US.

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There is a "National" race being run in Vancouver next weekend. It is sanctioned by CMA so I am unsure how it relates to the eastern series. Is it just a stand alone "national" or is it part of a bigger series? I don't know.

I well understand the problems inherent in running a true "national" series in a country this big with a relatively small population. However we out west always seem to get the short end of the stick with anything "national" that originates out of the east. And a "national race series" that ignors everyone except QC and ON kind of sticks in the craw out here.

Reading the descriptions of some of your races gives me an idea. There is a brand new, fairly large, native run casino in Calgary. I'd bet they might go for a "national" supermoto race if it was properly promoted and run. The location backs onto several empty lots so it wouldn't be so difficult to set up a decent dirt section right beside the paved parking lot.

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Fort Erie is Cancelled... FYI...

• June 28-29 Jonquière, Quebec*
• July 5 -6 Parry Sound, Ontario
• July 12-13 Trois Rivières, Quebec* (Exhibition grounds)
Aug 23 Fort Erie, Ontario.. CANCELLED
• Sept. 27-28 Sarnia, Ontario.
• Oct 4-5 Berthierville, Quebec
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