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Congrats on the new ride! The Raptor 5v 660 lump is wicked, coming on torque strong an steady.

Unfortunately, MZ pulled out of the US in 2005 (I believe it was 2005, at least), amidst concerns of the plummeting US dollar. We were all cheesed at them at first, but thats the nature of business, I guess.

So for parts, you can try SFMoto in San Francisco. They may have a line on MZ parts. Failing that, there is a shop in the UK:
Grahams Motorcycles, Taunton, Somerset, UK
0044 (0)1823 331397
[email protected]

I recently contacted them for a thermostat, and the shipping is a tad high, but not unreasonable (certainly cheaper than your typical aftermarket vendor!). Case in point: cost of shipping a thermostat from UK to CA is 4GBP, or $8. A part I recently ordered from BikeBandit I had shipped cost the same. Figure that one out!

Also, for these wear items, check They'll have the PNs for things like brake pads, which should be readily accessible at any local MC shop. They'll also tell you what is common to the Baggy and Yammies.

Enjoy your ride!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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