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Just wanted to see if anyone could give me the deal on this bike. Im looking for a street legal supermoto for commuting and fun. so low maintence is a huge plus. Anyone know anything/experince with these bikes...?? ANY info would help...thanks!

2000 MZ Baghira supermoto 660cc.
Buddy I "own" a 05 black reduced high SM Baggy. check out my post, "I think I bought stolen bike" It has been 2 1/2 months and only till today will I be able to clear my title problem...CHECK YOUR VIN...this is recurring issue with MZ..not very organized and this has happened to a few people as I have learned throughout this nightmare of paperwork...

With that said, I paid $3400 for a o5 with 7k miles, scotts steering damper, M4 Can (awesome) is heavy but its a tank...handles awesome though...I have always been into big bikes so I dont mind...engine bullet proof, I even have knobbies on this thing I have had it off road and airborne bud!!! few friends in their 250cc can't believe it when they see this pig flying!!! As your read MZ left the US, but has all the info and support you may need, in fact a list of parts from other bikes that work on the MZ are availables...I have no complaints on the bike EXCEPT the wheelie fator is limited to do yhe weight....nothing a sporcket change will not fix and convert it into a wheelie monster....Saw one in ebay 03 with 5kmiles NOT the SM version but the enduro, its the same just no 17" rims and different break set up, for 2500 no reserve here in miami....

hope this helps bud...+ the bike looks bad azz...something out of mad max.....:bike:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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