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My newly converted 2002 DR-Z400S

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I paid 1300 for the wheels tires sprocket and rotors...
how about steering damper, do you need it ? on superbike it works well when suspension is hard, and you are going in a bad street. but on supermoto, in races no one uses it. am i wrong ?
I mainly use it for the dirt. I have 2 other dirtbikes that are setup for it. I just bought a mount for that bike and transfer the dampner bike to bike
imprezawd said:
really nice!! I am going to buy the DRZ 400SM once its available.
Your bike looks sick. Where did you buy that Rear Fender with the blinkers integrated in to it. That looks sweet.
It is made by UFO...My local dealer had it!
Astroman said:
What size is your front rotor? it does look small.
It is a stock size. I wanted to keep it as easy as possible to do a wheel swap to the dirt wheels so i kept the same size rotor
markospeed said:
Thats cool I have the exact same setup Except in yellow and no damper my wheels just got laced and arent on the bike yet what size rear tire are you running?
it is a 150/60/17. It hits the chain but I am told that the Avon tires tend to run on the wide side
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1 - 11 of 24 Posts
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