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My new catch can -Minus the can

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Tell me what ya think.. I took alot of angles cause my camera sucks at close ups and its hard to see..
Looks trick as hell in person.. :rock:
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filthyboatguy said:
Where is the drain hole?

On the bottom, cant see it in the pics..
Extreme said:
does the radiator overflow hose go there too?
Nope, our club doesnt require a radiator overflow catch, only that we use water.. I suppose if they decide to, its just a matter of another 1.49 for 20' of hose and another hole.. :thumbup:
Total cost
$1.49 for 20' of clear 1/4" tubing from Home Depot. :D
Oh and if you want tubing for the radiator overflow, I think its the 3/8" stuff that fits..
Also sold at Home Depot. :thumbup:
Very simple, drill holes and stuff vacuum line in them.. :D

No welding, no nipples..
Canadian_SMR said:
Inside the swing arm does the cavity extend back to where the axel is or does it just contain it in that front area right under the tubes? as well do the tubes still have an ability to breath ? if heard bad things about cloged lines
Ive ran the heck out of it with no problems.. The dump is at the back where the axle is and every time i pull the plugs, I get A LOT of gas that comes out..
2004 hondaCRF150F said:
SO let me get this straight, YOu drilled holes in the front of your swingarm and stuffed the hoses in it. And so that way if it spills it goes on the inside. and then you have a plug on the bottom to leak it out. What about rusting the inside. I have a steal swingarm on my 150 i think. will it rust the swingarm if i did this.
I suppose if you have watery gas it would.. :lol:
my swingarm is aluminum...
bdmmotard said:
Eddie, you still using this setup? where you running your engine breather to?
Yes, but im changing it to this next time I work on the bike.

My breather does'nt bother me so its still in the stock location.
1 - 9 of 17 Posts
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