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My new baby

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After waiting a long Québec winter, I did my first ride during the week end. It's nearly finish, I just need some $$$ to put a decent front brake and let's go for the track !

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awesome looking ride! enjoy....
Are the cops there cool with that plate location?
I don't know yet for the location of the plate but usually in Québec.... cops at anything but cool

Do you see a better place ?
xpatate said:
I don't know yet for the location of the plate but usually in Québec.... cops at anything but cool

Do you see a better place ?
I also live in in the Province of Quebec and if i were you i'd stay away from flush mounts and remove those tinted headlight lenses and place the plate on your mudflap because the way your bike is set up now you are sure to get pulled over.
I have my plate there but I live in NY and it is not a problem. If you are in a car or on a bike following it is real easy to see plus tons of sport bikes have there plates in the same spot now since diff. companies are coming out with underseat exhausts that is where it is located with the relocator kit.

I want one of dose dere tings...
Nice bike :thumbup: Where'd your left rear blinker cover go :lol:
Very nice and clean! LOL I'm missing my right blinker lens, it blew off after I stuck an SX pipe on my EXC.
Ohh by the way, where did you get those sweet mirrors from?
Sweet bike *drools* hah dont worry about the cops, if they pull you over, act dumb and say you are sorry and will change it right away. works almost ever time :D. How do you find those headlights work?
Headlights are piece of crap, nice looking but barely good for a sunny day... Next time I'll go to the dealer, I buy the clear lens but if it's not really better... I go back to the standard-ugly-square stock one...
i put 50w bulbs with a 24* beam into my acerbis light. you can find them at home depot, etc. they have 10* spot beams also, havent tried them. stock bulbs are 20w, my harness is holding up ok
Fatallightning : your 50w bulbs do not drain too much power ? How your taillight react when you open your headlights? fade fade away, no ?
this is on a big bike (seca 600 yamaha) i have an LED taillight so not much fade. it does get brighter when i rev it up, but it did that with the old stock headlight. maybe only use 1 50 if its a problem, or wire the dinky little one as the low beam and the 2 big ones as the hi. or any combination there of
i just got my bike set up too
That is one mean-ass street bike!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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