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My near finished YZF600R!!

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Im kind of done. Im goin to race it as is right now to see how i like it before i dump money into the bike. I took the lights off and did some other stuff to get it ready sort of. Im goin to get a peice of plastic and put i were the head light was and put Yellow Background over it and then my numbers.

Here is the Side view of the bike. These are the stock plastics on the bike now.

Here is the front view:

Here is the other side veiw:

Here is the rear veiw of the bike:

Here is the driver view of the bike(not many times people get this view at age 15):
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Now try it.
i hope you will change tires too, those dunflops suck big time
NIce looking bike, you should have some big fun :thumbup:
I raced one of those in the '97 season. Real good handling bike, you should have fun. :thumbup:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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