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My KTM is getting there..

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The bike looked like this... before the engine went pop (dropped a valve doing wheelies, something tells me I need to learn to change gear!! :laughingr )

Well with the engine out and everything all grubby and tatty from off road use and general broken-ness.. I decided to fix her up as a bit of a project... the bike went pop in February but I've only just been able to afford to start any work on it..! expensive stuff these bikes :(

Finally started work on the front end... new wheel bearings/seals and a good clean of the front, all lights removed, new number board but not fitted.. got to remove the dash before it'll fit properly... haven't started on the rear end yet so the rear isn't as clean as the front yet. That's being started on soon, although I need to buy a new subframe seat and airbox first to convert to 04/05 single fender/sidepanel type.

525 engine stuff turning up Monday so engine will be fixed shortly... will post more pics when the rest of stuff is done.. (bike is a 450 but dropped a valve a few months ago, haven't been able to fix due to £££ costs but finally getting there, and decided to go 525 as it's cheaper than 580 etc but still good power increase!! )

To do;

Red bull fender graphic to be fitted
White number board graphics to be fitted
Crash bobbins to be fitted
New seat
New gripper seat cover
New rear subframe
New rear plastics
New airbox
Fit the 525 engine bits.
SX exhaust system
SMR Master Cylinder
Hand guards
New chain and sprockets (1 down on the front, will be mad!)
GPR stabiliser (steering damper)
New tyres too.. something more slick on the rear! Keeping the wet front though for off road grip!
Get rear shock rebuilt
New fork seals
Suspension set up
+++ loads more...

More pics soon as I get on with the "project" ;)
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They are now, sorry.. I copied wrong link when I posted this thread.
No one likes it then?? :(
Not yet, I got my 525 barrel and piston now, just got to order the gaskets, cam chain etc and a new head (bent valve guide on mine :( ) hoping to order the rest of the bits tomorow maybe.. so not long now :D
youngblood said:
Dude, you shoulda got the 540 kit! Where is your sense of absolute irresponsibility? :lol:

Probably in the same place as my imaginery £1000 to do the conversion! :laughingr

I've gone 450 to 525 for only £200 more than the rebuild cost. Thus being the cheapest possible power increase, 540 was just tooo much money, and I doubt it'd be much more difference to the 525? well not as I'm used to the 450 anyway, the 525 should be a niceeee increase in power.
McMucker said:
good to see your on track yams.
how much is the engine work going to cost you?
and what exactly is involved? new barrel,piston valves, cams?

hope ya get a speedy recovery :thumbup:
Barrel, piston and gaskets to make it 525.. oh and some jetting/set up.. I also need a new head, valves, cam chain etc for general rebuild items.

Just fitted some new grips this weekend, had suspension set up (feels much better when sitting on it!) and started recovering my seat :thumbup: also removed the dash/half of wiring loom and fitted the number board properly, will post updated pics soon :)
Some updated pictures... bit cleaner now.. new gripper seat cover, swingarm stickers, pro grips and that's about all visible for now... but other than that, the suspensions been set up and a few other bits done.

Got an SMR master cylinder to fit and hopefully getting engine built within the next couple of weeks :D

Also got my Rocksolid Racing crash bobbins back on, peg sliders are on too, except for left side as my left peg is bent out of shape so the slider doesn't fit.. got to get some new pegs :lol:
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