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My Husaberg Project / Picture thread

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So I decided to write up a bit of a "project" thread! Ive never done one before and Ive been a member of these forums for quite a few years now, so I fealt like sharing. Its probably more just a "picture progression" thread than anything else... but everyone loves pics so.. whatever!

I learnt to ride a dirt bike when I was about 18 or so. Rode lots of trails, got my license, a registered trail bike and started riding to work. I've been a fan of supermoto for quite some time now, after seeing a friend race in a local series many years ago. I guess the love for dirt bikes and the joy of riding on the road to work is what lead me to it. I got my hands on a ktm 525 exc, threw some 17's on and some decent big brakes and fell in love :) Did a couple of trackdays too at the local kart track but was never super serious about it.

While I totally loved the sumo, I also wanted "more." I ended up getting myself into debt by purchasing a '07 Superduke. Had the best of both worlds really.

I would alternate riding each to work throughout the week. I (reluctantly) ended up selling the 525 so I could travel overseas for a couple of months and help me out with a bit of cash. The thing was burning a bit of a hole in my pocket anyway (after the rebuild :( )
I had some bad luck in traffic a couple years back; got t-boned by a car that failed to give way at some traffic lights.

I wrote both the superduke and car off, but wasn't too badly injured, so before I was out of my cast and off my crutches I was in the hunt for a new bike. The natural progression was a 2009 Superduke R.

The bike was a total animal.. Probably a bit too much for me really. It was amazing when riding it super aggressive, but for riding to work every day... it sucked. It was just not a commuter friendly bike. So I started planning another supermoto build. If you haven't worked it out by now, I was a bit of a KTM fanboi. So, a new ktm 530 exc was going to be my starting point. I sourced and priced up all the parts I wanted and started saving. Then I saw a news item on the web somewhere, showing Husaberg's new FS570 and my plans pretty much went out the door.

Headed to my local dealer and made some inquiries. Got a price, slept on it; placed an order for one the next day. The way I saw it, I could buy a 13+ grand ktm exc and spend a fair bit of money setting it up OR buy a bike thats got pretty much everything I want right outta the box for just under $16,000. The bike arrived a few weeks later (around August/September 2009 I think) and was one of the first in the country. Rode it down the street with a massive grin on my face, hit the brakes to stop at the first set of traffic lights and nearly pooped my pants.. The front brake wasnt working... Was only going quite slow so the rear got me to a stop. Did a U-turn and went straight back to the dealer. The front rotor was completely warped. It would only make contact with the pads on a tiny section, the rest of the time = no brakes. We grabbed the disc from the crated FS570 and off I went, this time, grinning while accellerating AND braking.

I didnt really do much to the bike for the first few months. The motor was extremely tight when new. The more km's I put on it the better it became. I bought myself a slip-on akra pipe and a DNA filter, which livened up the bike a fair bit through the midrange and a little increase in torque.

Other than that, I really didn't change anything on the bike until a few months ago. Maintenance has been fairly good. I don't stick to the manual recommendations; usually ride the bike over the recommended oil changes but not too far. The valves were adjusted after the break in period and haven't moved since. I never experienced any fuel pump issues or dodgey fuel mapping problems that I read about on forums. Its been a flawless & fun commuter for close to 2 years!

Then a friend of mine who raced 600's convinced me to do a trackday with him. I couldn't decide on which bike to ride, so I took the SDR and the berg. Track was Lakeside International Raceway, a track which used to host a fair amount of racing but was shut down around 10 years ago as housing estates were built up around the track and noise became a real issue for residence. It reopened a couple of years ago, pretty much just for trackdays and a fairly strict noise limit. The akra pipe even with the insert was waaaay too loud, so stock pipe had to come out of retirement.

I absolutely loved the trackday. Entering into the slow group on the berg, I took it easy for maybe..2 laps? The rest of the morning was spent destroying the right hand side of my tyre, passing sportsbike after sportsbike around the outside of pretty much every turn. I had a glimpse of the speedo going into Turn 1, 183km/hr. Was pretty impressed with that! The chuckle inside my helmet as I passed each sportsbike was partnered with "you just got passed by a dirtbike" running through my head. I did ride the SDR for a few laps, but pulled in with an electrical problem; a wire earthing itself onto the frame somewhere. The berg backup bike was fired back into action though :)

I was solidly hooked after that day. There weren't enough trackdays to feed my addiction, so like alot of you, I decided to go racing :) I think it was like $100 to get a front MX plate and a new rear fender that didn't have any lights on it. Changed it all over in 20 minutes or so.

One of the things that always annoyed me about the bike was the front brake. The brakes I had on the 525 felt incredible, as did the brakes on both of my superdukes. These magura brakes never really impressed me a great deal. I saved up for a brembo caliper and 16x18 MC.

It was night and day difference. Felt so so sooo much better. Threw some numbers on the bike, headed for the track.

(I forgot to take the sidestand AND the horn off.. whoops!)

The race series was a one weekend only event at Morgan Park Raceway. Road racing only, over 2 days. Qld road racing championship. The class I entered in was called Formula 3; open for 4cyl 250s, V4 400s, V2 650s, and any size supermoto. I was 1 of 2 supermotos in a field of sportsbikes. Day 1 saw the area have an incredibly large amount of rainfall that carried on throughout day. I rushed to purchase some wet race tyres and get them fitted in time for qualifying, with F3 being the first session of the day.

I was blown away by the amount of grip these tyres offered on a track covered in 15mm of water. Somehow I qualified 2nd on the grid. Got a great start to race 1, managed to overtake the VFR400 that was on pole around the outside of turn 3 and went on to win my first ever race. With the geometry of the dirtbike, I felt fairly comfortable sliding the bike around in the wet where as the sportys struggled a bit. Race 2 I managed to get the holeshot and gave it all I had, however I wasn't the ballsiest rider on track and finished 2nd.

Day 2 was the total opposite; dry track & clear blue skies. Perfect really. I got onto track late for qualifying, and only got 2 decent laps on the dry track with my fast lap borked by a crasher infront of me.. Qualified at the back of the grid. I pretty much got hammered by everyone in the dry and finished at the back of the pack all day, but managed to knock about a second off almost every single lap all day long which felt pretty good! I had decent corner speed and was decent on the brakes, but the sportsbikes would always be quicker than me down the straights (the 183 km/hr at lakeside was due to the last turn being a fast flowing turn downhill, Morgan Pack had none of these. Topspeed here was about 158 km/hr.) I just had to wave bye to them as they went passed. I found that with the stock gearing (14/38) the bike doesnt really hit the rev limiter anywhere in the top few gears, so I put on a 44 tooth on the rear before the next track day and found a huge difference, for the better.

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well mine was 56 stock, so I think you're safe :p

When we went to load the UST map onto the bike, we had to get an unlock code from the factory in Austria, which voids the warranty. As far as I know, you cant use the tool without the map loaded.
Hmmm....what sort unlock code?

My ECU is supposed to be loaded with "akrapovic" map. Does that do the same thing, or do I need to talk to my dealer? I bet they are kinda annoyed that I did not buy the UST from them. :D
I wasnt even aware there was an "akra" map for the bergs. Just an open map.

You'll need to get your dealer to plug the bike into their diagnostic tool. From there they can get a code from your ECU. Your dealer will then need to contact the factory, tell them your ECU code. The factory will reply with a key to unlock the ECU. Then you can install the UST map, and use the tool to change settings. The UST map also has the higher rpm limit as standard.
& I doubt your dealer would be annoyed about the UST not being purchased through them. I bought mine from the states, and Ive sold it to my local dealer, saving them a few $ in the process. :)
Wooooot! So it's a 500km trip again to where I bought the bike. Unless any KTM dealer can do it, then it's just a hour trip to next city. But I hate that place. :damn:

Btw, does the FMF have o2 sensor bung welded on it? I had idea that I would use my PLX wideband meter and DM6 display so I could watch my AFR's while riding. Was gonna use the bike in the winter next year, and when heavily tuned it might be a good thing to know it won't lean out and go bang.
any ktm dealer with a diagnostic tool can do it.

The fmf header has no O2 sensor. I was worried that when we installed it we would get a FI light error, but we didnt!
Ok, thanks!

Btw! Have you checked your in-tank fuel pump filter condinition? I just split mine apart and holy crap. At 50h/3000km the filter was completely pitch black and restrictive as hell compared to new. I think this might be also one reason why the pumps fail on these bikes, along with bad china pumps. Hot fuel at the bottom near exhaust and blocked filters = crapping pumps.

40€ for new mesh and plastic mahle filters, but I think it's better than failing pump.
Well, I just got off the phone with my dynotune guy. The bike was tuned this morning using the ktm user setting tool. We managed to get 59 rear wheel HP. I havent picked the bike up yet or seen the dyno graph as its bucketing down rain here at the moment and doesnt look like its going to ease anytime soon.

He said that it was mega MEGA lean in the bottom end and into the midrange, which is now all smoothed out and the bike is apparently pulling really strong. Apparently the tool doesnt allow for much adjustment above 70% throttle, just a slight + / - in the mix but it wasnt too much of a concern as most of the work needed was below that.

I shall post up a dyno graph as soon as I get my hands on it (maybe tomorrow, or Friday.)

I also managed to snag a good deal on a factory ported head, and thumper racing and making up a high comp piston for me. Exciting times ahead :arsenal
What??? No full throttle mapping possible? Whats the point with the tool then?! Thats where the power is! What was your afr's @ WOT in the rev range?

Part throttle mapping is also very important, but if the bike goes lean at wot and can't be adjusted then thats not a good sign. Sounds like I need to get rid of the UST or something....
apparently it was pretty good at WOT. We can see once I get my hands on the dyno charts :)
Heres a dynograph with the bike in its current tune compared with the bike in bone stock trim.

I still havent had a chance to ride it yet :(
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You need the head ported badly. Something is lacking to let the bike to breath.

A ex Berg racer here had his 570 around 60-62whp with full akra and head only.
59whp with 44mm tb, full fmf, dna filter, cut seat and tune? Even Bergos told me it's around 13-15whp more with similiar mods + head ported and 13.5 compression piston.

But still that mid to top end increase looks nice. I'm starting to work with my motor soon.
I couldnt agree with you more! Head and piston are on their way.
wooo! wow! I so want that machine!
Very very nice
Thank you for the excellent post(s)

Sold two BRP's with a tear in my eye and am looking for the next sumo. That is one sexy bike.
Yeah man thats cool! :thumbup:

I check out your blog from time to time. The kiska archive sketches are awesome. No doubt I loved this one..

Do you work at kiska? Im very jealous :p

DAMNIT!!!!!!! I'm jealous too.. Just saw your blog. Nice collection!
Wierus are you in the design field as well?


PS The berg looks tits!!! Are you running the FMF header with the Akro can? Love the build so far.
DAMNIT!!!!!!! I'm jealous too.. Just saw your blog. Nice collection!
Wierus are you in the design field as well?


PS The berg looks tits!!! Are you running the FMF header with the Akro can? Love the build so far.

Thanks mate. I am _kinda_ in the design field, but my job is no where near as cool as working at Kiska.. :p I do mostly signage and promotional stuff. Ive designed and vinyl wrapped a few race cars; thats about as cool as it gets for me!

And yes the Akra slip on fits perfectly with the FMF header :)
Cool! Tell immediately when you get off the dyno!

You are damn right about the head porting. Just even taking the air filter off and opening the throttle and looking into the intake tells everything. :D

I already have the UST tool. Never been used, just sitting in the box. Woulda have gotten a better adjustable ECU that lets map the ignition too, but for the price I paid again for UST, I could not refuse.

Getting custom billet 46mm throttle body and more compression by modifying cylinder and stock piston on lathe & milling tool. Only TPS and injector is used from stock 42mm throttle.

I'm hopefully getting close to 70whp when all is done. No big bore for me as I think ultimately it's not for my riding style. Might make the bike handle alot worse because of all the extra mass from large piston, and putting too much torque to the rear and just spinning it everywhere. Installing 450 map into ECU I get 10500rpm limiter, and thats what the tuner recommends after all mods.

Just need to dyno the bike now at it's current stage. Got DNA filter, akra slipon, cutted shrouds and the "map switch". So hopefully at least 50whp. :rofl:

post your dyno slip
post your dyno slip
On time when the day is getting closer. Maybe I am dreaming, but this is what a one of the best bike builder in the country (Mr. Siukola who works in MotoGP factory Yamaha team) and one other guy who gets to build fastest ice roadracing and SM bikes told if there are parts that will let the bike to breath like it should.

It is mostly intake and ignition restricted and both told that the stock throttle body configuration robs most of the power. Old 650 berg with stock displacement and fully built is around 75whp monster when done right. So the new one has similiar potential but it's just that not many have figured out how to unleash it.

I must say that I am going to be happy to get anything over 60whp, but hopefully I "get" more....time will tell.
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