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Cool! Tell immediately when you get off the dyno!

You are damn right about the head porting. Just even taking the air filter off and opening the throttle and looking into the intake tells everything. :D

I already have the UST tool. Never been used, just sitting in the box. Woulda have gotten a better adjustable ECU that lets map the ignition too, but for the price I paid again for UST, I could not refuse.

Getting custom billet 46mm throttle body and more compression by modifying cylinder and stock piston on lathe & milling tool. Only TPS and injector is used from stock 42mm throttle.

I'm hopefully getting close to 70whp when all is done. No big bore for me as I think ultimately it's not for my riding style. Might make the bike handle alot worse because of all the extra mass from large piston, and putting too much torque to the rear and just spinning it everywhere. Installing 450 map into ECU I get 10500rpm limiter, and thats what the tuner recommends after all mods.

Just need to dyno the bike now at it's current stage. Got DNA filter, akra slipon, cutted shrouds and the "map switch". So hopefully at least 50whp. :rofl:

post your dyno slip
1 - 3 of 218 Posts
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