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My CR500 Build Up, Includes Swingarm Notch, (56k may die)

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OK, So i ordered my wheels and stuff almost 2 months ago and i just got them about 2 weeks ago. My bike:
97 CR500
During build i did:
new top end
V force reeds
pro circuit platinum pipe
pro circuit silencer
black excels on gold talons
5" wide rear wheel with 160 wide contiforce.
Ran into massive problems with offset and tire clearence on the non chain side, here are some pics. any questions just ask. As for the notch, please dont respond with any safety BS, cus i dont care, the welds are massive and teh thing will never brake, there are 3 total plates to stiffen in the vertical plain. My friend who Tig welded it and I are both ME majors. Any ways, check out the pics and let me know what you think. I have ridden it and its fun, through 1st and 2nd, no matter how far forward i lean it pulls the front up. good stuff.
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Wow......Nice that a two stroke :laughingr
hows about a Acerbis Universal SM front fender :thumbup: :thumbup:
your gonna scare the shit outa big sport bikes in a drag race :thumbup:
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