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My CR500 Build Up, Includes Swingarm Notch, (56k may die)

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OK, So i ordered my wheels and stuff almost 2 months ago and i just got them about 2 weeks ago. My bike:
97 CR500
During build i did:
new top end
V force reeds
pro circuit platinum pipe
pro circuit silencer
black excels on gold talons
5" wide rear wheel with 160 wide contiforce.
Ran into massive problems with offset and tire clearence on the non chain side, here are some pics. any questions just ask. As for the notch, please dont respond with any safety BS, cus i dont care, the welds are massive and teh thing will never brake, there are 3 total plates to stiffen in the vertical plain. My friend who Tig welded it and I are both ME majors. Any ways, check out the pics and let me know what you think. I have ridden it and its fun, through 1st and 2nd, no matter how far forward i lean it pulls the front up. good stuff.
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more pics:
some more
more more
now its pretty much done, did it all in about a week. just needs rear fender and sides painted, and front fender, still waiting on a few parts.

last one
OK, I promise, aside from the "in action pics" ill post later these are the last ones.
For those that were curious, my shop is a 24/48, i have a good miller 175 MIG, and a gas welder, some other general small stuff. The end mill, lathe, Tig, plasma, etc. is all at my buddys. His shop is about 3 times mine. hes 23 and restores antique dozers for a living, wile going to school. Hes currently working on a cletrak 100 i think it is, like 1927 huge dozer, supposedly one of 2 left in the world or something. He makes all the parts him self, goes through the tranny and all. religned clutches, makes dies and tool for it all. so there you go.

As for the swingarm, im not sure that its heat treated, heat treating aluminum isnt super prevelant, because it makes it more brytle. If you look at them from the factory their welds are huge and shitty, spray arced i think, that puts quite a bit of heat into there also, Plus, i mean look at them and they have to bend them, they do a crappy job, all dimpled and stuff. so who knows. Just wanted to share this with you guys in case someone else needs the info or ideas.

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