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My BBR springs are in!

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I put those suckers in my TTR125L and they rock. 100% btter than the crappy stock ones. I highly recommend this as a first mod!

They are much more compliant, this due to them being much longer then stock. You have to remove the stock steel spacer. Aaah, much nicer.
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what oil weight did ya use? I highly recommend 20wt, 100mm from the top of the tubes!
I did go with 20 weight but it doesnt' seem to make any difference on rebound dampening really. I went with the stock oil height, or slightly above stock anyways. I use it more for a dirtracker and smaller jumps rather than motocrossing.
yup, bbr is getting all of my bike allowance lately. i too installed front and rear springs on my ttr125le a few weeks ago (didn't mess with the fork oil yet). still can't ride the bike (it's cold outside, and there is a bit too much snow on the ground (canada eh?)). that and i have the engine currently in pieces while i install the bbr big bore kit (since i have the engine out, i plan to remove and lighten the flywheel too). i still have to shorten the chain (going to see if i can run a 14/49 gearing), and i have a braided brake line coming in a month and a bit. way too much fun.

:D :D :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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