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Hey guys,

I've been reading this forum for a couple weeks now and I liked it so much I had to go out and buy one of these bikes. I just wanted to thank all of you for contributing on a regular basis. Because of you I knew that when my chain started chattering with only 50 miles on the bike I knew I just had to adjust it. I'm not sure if this is chain stretch, the ring thing on the back sprocket, or a combination of each. Anyways it's a good thing I checked it as the marks didn't match from left side to right meaning that the alignment was off.

The second thing I did was to firm up the suspension especially up front. I noticed under hard acceleration (not too hard...still breaking in) that I would sometimes get a little wobble in the front if I was even slightly cornering. Well I started with the clickers, rebound and compression increased two clicks in front. I am 6', 195# by the way and the suspension feels pretty mushy. Also I have a motocross background so I'm used to stiff suspension. I'm having difficulty with feeling the clicks when I adjust the compression on the right fork leg. I had to watch the number of revolutions the screw driver made when I adjusted the left one and then did the same on the right since I couldn't feel the clicks.

Anyone else messed with the compression clickers on the bottom of the forks yet? Any suspension pros out there? Do I have a problem or is it just a case of hard to feel clickers?

My baby's four days old and I'm loving it. Well thanks again guys for any imput you may have. :thumbup:
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