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Hi All,

I live in Georgia and I have ordered this chain cleaner from Amazon couple days ago (Unfortunately I can't add link because it is my first post here)

After shipping my transportation company (the transport company has address in USA and when I order something from Amazon, Amazon sends items to this company and the company transports it to me) contacted to me and said that it is not allowed to transport flammable items via airlines and so, I must return the order or they will recycle it. I contacted to Amazon and they told me that they can return but they will not refund :D

So, I do not care about returning and if anybody wants it I can give it for free. For recieving you must come to the company address which is located in 8 McCullough Dr, New Castle (ZIP: 19726)

But first off all just let me know that you want it and I'll check if the item is still available and if so, I'll inform them who will take it

Happy new year and ride safe :)

P.S. Sorry for my English
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