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All right all you geniuses. I bought a 2009 yz450f for stupid cheap hopeing it wasn't too bad. Rolled the dice and the motor is a loss. Found a guy here with a good deal on a 08 wr motor.

I know it will go in the chassis. The question is how easily and with what changes.

If I wanted to keep the wr e start I could prob get the wr subframe and utilize all the electrical and stuff. Or I could strip the wr and the YZ. Combine the two and have a really slick setup. I was thinking wr engine cases because the yz's are shot from the previous owners whoops. Wr gearing and stator/crank half to get the lighting power. But skip the e starter. Keep it light and simple.

Any ideas? Am I way off base thinking they can be Frankensteined together that easily? He anybody done a straight swap of a wr motor in the yz chassis? I found a thread from the old steel chassis and don't think it would be too much differen than that.

Thanks for the help.

I am ok with taking my time with this build as I have a TE300 to fulfill my fix in the meantime.
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