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I just went on a 3 day ride of about a thousand miles. But I do have a DR650sm, not a hardcore race motard.
wolfe and I did that last year on our supermoto bikes up at the Gap. He was on his Aprilia 550 and I was on my Husaberg...not exactly touring bikes! :lol: Granted it's not a daily thing , but that's only because we live in Florida. If I lived up there I would never get off my bike!

Most of the people I know who have gotten into, and subsequently out of, supermoto bikes either: 1) like to go for highway rides with their sportbike buddies that ride over 100mph everywhere they go, or; 2) just think it's cooler to putter around and park with the blinged-out chrome retarded stuff.

Most of the guys (and gals) that actually know how to ride and like to ride hard, seem to continue to swear by their "dirt bikes with slicks"...
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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