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Motard= showroom anchors! LOL

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Well I was browsing around on another forum that I used to be on all the time and they are pretty much all sportbikers and sumo's were brought up. I was pretty entertained on this particular post and thought I'd share. Enjoy

Tards are fun but they suck ass for any thing more than local riding. They are not all day riding bikes by any means. The seat feels like a thongs up your ass after any kind of distance. Most everyone that has owned one keeps them for a short time or has other bikes to ride and still gets ride of them. They are a blast to ride, Ive enjoyed each and every time Ive had a chance to ride one. The only long term bike to own is the KLR that has been tried and tested for years. Thats basically because you can go anywhere all day on one, and there are touring upgrades. For the most part the tard's are being seen less and less and it takes awhile to even sell one because the market is flooded with used bikes. Even the dealers and limiting the stock as they are now showroom anchors.
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Some people you just can't reach.
I think it depends on where you live. I regularly ride my SM all day. I live near the mountains and our terrain is what SM is all about; gnarly nasty little semi paved roads, lot's dirt and gravel short cuts. If you have a sportbike or ST you are limited to the main roads with all the traffic: trucks, touristas, Harleys. F* that. :D
It all depends on how you ride, and how much comfort you are willing to sacrafice for a good time! For me I dont give a fawk about my ass hurting or a small tank they need to grow some if u ask me.
"the only long term bike to own is the KLR" :lol:
dead on...

I wish I knew where all these anchors were just laying around waiting for dipshits to come waste their hard earned money on for below MSRP prices.....
Oh yeah about where he's riding. Almost everyone on that forum site all live in the Appalachian Mountains in northeast Tennessee. Winding backroads all over and one spot in particular like the Gap, 400 something turns in 11 miles!! Hmmm...
If i wanted to ride sweepers i would get a sportbike, since i like tighter turns (tighter the better, stack them back to back and you have a really fun chicane) i ride a tard. Different strokes for different folks i guess.
It's fairly true.. SM bikes still have a small market.. I kinda like that about it though.. Everyone thinks they're uncool which makes them cool :p
SM's FTW!!!!!! i ride mine all day long. have had the thing a month and have 2000 miles on it. SM riding is the most fun i have ever had.
Like a streetfighter,a good,fun,kicka$$ street 'tard is created,not bought off the floor.Motards are not for everyone's tastes,but maybe they are slow selling because the OEM's haven't pegged it spot on yet,and when you think about it,it may not be possible.KTM and a couple of others have come close as far as road legal Motards are concerned,but have gone a bit beyond.The DRZ lacks the performance for most people,and the european bikes are a bit pricey[in the streetbike range],and frankly some of them are quite oversized and don't really look like a Motard should.Personally,I'll stick with the converted SMR's and the like and ride something else if I need to do distance.
Everyone thinks they're uncool which makes them cool :p
Even better most sportbike guys greatly underestimate the performance of a SM bike which makes it great fun to show them just how wrong they are.
When the Japanese bring a real supermoto to market and it fails, then this guy might be onto something. Until then, he's drawing the conclusions he wants to from what is happening out there.

Then again, maybe he's just plain Fing wrong, since I can't remember the last time I went to a shop and saw a supermoto bike sitting on the showroom floor marked down.
Heck, I saw two of the new Yamaha WR250x on the street today and they looked SICK. Good luck finding one of those that hasn't been spoken for, but if it was a 450 (or bigger), you REALLY wouldn't be able to find one.
oh yea! supermoto's are HUGE showroom anchors. the two supermoto bikes that we got for the entire year were sold a month before we even got them. we have people coming in or calling almost everyday looking for a supermoto.
i went riding with a friend the other day, me on my SM and him on his CBR600RR. he has a DRZ400S and he shows up wtiht he 6 and i was like great, here we go... turns out the roads were rough enough and had enough elevation change that the squid rocket took the upper hand and the DRZSM made me and would have made all of you proud!
I just went on a 3 day ride of about a thousand miles. But I do have a DR650sm, not a hardcore race motard.
Flames3891, was that a "local" forum? That post kinda sounds like the attitude of the guys over at Kelly's.
apparently the only cool bikes these days are ones with 6" over swingarms. 240 rear tires, pig spotters, and led lights all freakin over, and its realy cool if its got a rear view camera and a dvd player in the tank
"that shit is sharp yo!"
It's fairly true.. SM bikes still have a small market.. I kinda like that about it though.. Everyone thinks they're uncool which makes them cool :p
I agree but low production numbers (compared with sport bikes) make them go reasonably fast. Maybe not in some backwoods town somewhere but here in CA i see them almost daily while i am driving here or there.
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