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More of Dan's Pics

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DanT said:
Thank's guy's,
Trust me, I would much rather be out on my bike with the rest of you but since I lack 2 things, youth and skills I do what I can to help. I've only missed 1 SM race in Oregon in 5 years and I've yet to meet a nicer group of people. :bowdown: I hope to make it up North to a few races this year to as it looks to be the best year yet for northwest Supermoto racing.--Dan
Whats your point ??? :D ..... I lack youth and skills too.... don't make me post picts of my huge bruised elbow and hip..... :laughingr :laughingr I for one really do appreciate the picts, they are great quality and angles......and the DVD's :thumbup: :thumbup: Even Lisa likes watchin them of these days I might bite the bullet and get a Video camera for my helmet......
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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