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2nd Annual Supermoto USA Mini-Motard World Cup & Jr. Shootout​

Last year riders earned AMA Championships in these categories, this year we will be at a new facility in Sacramento CA.

The Prairie City SVRA park is home to the Kart track as well as the Famous Hang Town National Motocross Track.

This years track will a tiny little dirt section, the pavement is full of elevation changes and is perfect for the mini's

in 2007 over 200 riders attended & the Premier Lightweight class was won by Cameron Beaubier with JD beach finishing second and a bunch of fast kids in tow.

There are also plenty of adult only classes and new for 2008 is the "all girls" supermoto class.

complete details will soon follow, it's definitely the west's premier mini race.

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You should send that Information to Sanfret at :thumbup:

At least since its the second year your hosting/promoting a Mini-
Motard World Cup & Junior Shootout:arsenal

Thats gotta be the biggest mini-motard event going with 200+ riders:eek:

Dates? Link to the track? More information?:infrandom;)
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