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2007 Honda XR650L
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This is my bike a 2007 Honda XR650L, I call it "Stickers". I built it myself on my porch here in Santa Barbara. I think I may be the only supermoto here as I haven't seen any others like me. I get a lot of looks when I ride through the city. A lot of people yell out "Supermoto" and point. It almost sounds like they are yelling "Superman" and pointing. A lot of people also say nasty things that don't like the look of my bike, to them I usually "REVBOMB!" out of my FMF power core 4. LOL.

I ride Highway 154, and Stage Coach Road. I feel pretty lucky to have access to such fun roads but Paradise Road is just that "Paradise". Also parts of Hope Ranch can be fun when empty, but cold. I stay off Foothill road, too dangerous.

I have an extra set of triple clamps for sale for a conversion if someone wants to buy them, make an offer. It is a CRF450 clamp with a XR650 stem ready for finishing.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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