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Me and Schearer.....NEW VIDEO

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There is some older footage and new of me and Scheaer on the WRX's. It came out ok I guess.:thumbup:
More vids to come!:bike:
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you bunch of hooligans!! just what we like round here!
I agree! The picture in picture was cool.
That is a sweet video! You have just inspired me to get off my ass and go for a ride
lol mil the whole time you were on the sidewalk I was looking for the homeless lady and the shopping kart. somehow I think that could have been interesting.
Nice vid as usual guys. I'd be in jail in no time with all the sidewalk stuff around here. Looks like you caught Shearer snoozing towards the end. :D
Thanks for the props everyone.:D Im a little irritated that you cant view the video "in higher quality"(the button in the lower right of the view window) on you tube:headscrat, like the rest of our videos........The original was great quality even full screen. The quality on this one stinks.:rant: Overall I guess people get the point, GET OUT AND SUPERMOTARD AROUND!!!!!:bike:
We will have more footage next week. we try and go out weekly and try to out-do the last video. We are not video editing pro's as you can see :rolleyes2: but we try. my ADD kicks in so Mil mkaes most of the video's, good job bro :clap:
nice vid, i need to get our and ride with you guys.. that parkin lot looks like a nice spot
where you from? you familiar with the reading area? check out our local ride post, we ride pretty much every weekend.
^^ yea i posted in there.. im tryin to go ride with all you local guys soon

friday or sunday im free, but i still havent gotten used to the bike
We will probably set a time and day by tommorow morning, just seeing what works best for everyone. -Zack
Lets try going a bit early sunday.......around 9-930 am?:thumbup:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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