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Last week I attended my first (but NOT my last) FREE Advanced Cornering Clinic sponsored FOR FREE by Quantico Drivers Training at Camp Upshur, Marine Corps Base Quantico.

The events are open to current military, former military, dependants, and contractors in DoD, Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Community.

The intent is to provide free, expert training to make people safer riders. This is NOT a track day. If you do track days or race, you will be right at home, and the event is loosely similar to a MSF ERC in that you are on your bike, riders are coaching you standing on course and riding (think control riders).

Being that I said it is not a track day, it is NOT the MSF either. This is high-performance riding. On my supermoto:thumbup: race bike, I ran easily 60+mph in straights. They emphasize braking, turn-in, line selection, etc.

Days are broken into SPORTBIKE (Thursday), and they allow supermotos in with the sportbikes, and CRUISER and OTHER bikes (Friday).

Gear required is on the website, but it's over the ankle boots, DOT helmet, gloves, long sleeves, and eye protection.

If you use a street legal bike, you need license, registration, and proof of insurance. I rolled up on my supermoto race bike and had to show only Va. D.L. I had a blast, it keeps riders from being stupid on the street, and they are begging for attendees. One of the instructors was from the Keith Code school, and there were various other instructors that are local to MCBQ.

Events run about 1 per month through the majority of the riding season.

For Questions Contact:

Ed Billig
Drivers Training Manager
703 784 2120
[email protected]


Facebook: Quantico Drivers Training


To sign up (any new events populate into the list)
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